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Kings In Spying Controversy?

The Southern Kings’ road to Super Rugby has been a rocky and tumultuous one. With Super Rugby rapidly approaching it seems they intend to take the controversy with them into the competition as the Western Force’s training session on Tuesday was interrupted by a spy spotted in the bushes.

The Western Force were completing a practise at Victoria Park when players collecting balls for the kickers noticed a suspicious character concealed in bushes near the field. When they tried to confront the spy he took off, carrying video equipment and a tripod. The Force gave chase through the bushes, but the man fled over a road and through a service station.

Sources at the Force practiced confirmed that practice had been interrupted by someone thought to be spying on proceedings.

The Force declined to make any official statement on the matter.

Enquiries to verify the story with the Kings were unsuccessful with the EP Rugby union refusing to hand out their media liason’s contact details.

We will continue to try and contact the Kings to bring you their official response.

UPDATE: We picked up on this Tweet from Force scrumhalf Alby Mathewson.

LATEST: Kings release statement denying allegations.


  1. It’s a free country isn’t it? What would they have done if they caught him? Ridiculous story

  2. Exactly how is this linked to the Kings? Any proof? Just another controversial headline imo

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